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I fangirl all over the place. Outside of my New York Crime Procedurals (Elementary, White Collar, Unforgettable, Without a Trace, Castle), there are the other Crime Procedurals (Criminal Minds, NCIS, Twin Peaks, etc., etc.,).

Plus the sci-fi (Stargate(s), Doctor Who, Firefly).

And Avengers because seriously.

Everything in this blog is relevant to my interests.


Do you ever read a fic that is so good you never want to write again? 


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13 Signs You Might Be Living in a Gothic Novel

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If you’ve started to suspect that the drafty cathedral your family has called home for countless centuries may in fact be the setting of a bona fide gothic novel, here are 13 spooky ways to tell for sure:

1. Either there are no clocks in your house, or your house is filled with clocks…but they’re all set to different times.

2. Also, though you refer to it as “your house,” it’s actually one of the following: a dilapidated mansion, a moldering manor, or a crumbling castle with no plumbing to speak of. Also, the wind is always howling outside.

3. People around you are regularly tumbling dramatically down stairs and breaking all of their bones.

4. You can tell that things are starting to get kind of serious with the guy you’ve been seeing because he’s started talking about how you two are actually one person and how if you’re ever separated by death he will throw himself into your open grave and be buried alive with you. Also, you suspect that the two of you might be somehow related. Best not to dwell.

5. Flickering candles everywhere.

6. Three or more friends or family members have wasted away from mysterious fevers, but always looked great doing it.

7. Instead of watching TV, you plot revenge.

8. Every time you’re about to finally fall into bed with the long-term object of your obsession, a gust of wind ablows the French doors open, a candle gutters out, and one of you immediately begins to waste away from a mysterious fever.

9. Your living quarters are no great shakes, but you’ve noticed that going outside is somehow always a bad idea.

10. 20% of the meals served and eaten in your house are laced with some kind of drug or poison.

11. People are constantly being locked in their rooms or locking other people in their rooms without anybody ever batting an eye over it.

12. Most of the marriages of the couples around you were motivated by vengeance.

13. An attic without an insane person chained up in it for years just doesn’t have that lived-in feeling. Same goes for cellars, and the odd cupola.

Are you or someone you know possibly living in a gothic novel? Check this list to find out.


This is the way vids look in my head before they become a pedestrian thing that exists in reality.

In my head, I can vid like Lim.



Doge was just a reincarnation of Lolcats. Peasant was a reincarnation of n00b. Screwing up emoticons is essentially just newfag can’t triforce again. Memes are cyclical. The resurrection of Rickrolling coincided with the resurrection of other old memes like ironically liking Shrek. The return of old memes is merely part of the natural evolution, until one day the master meme will rise from the shadows.

and then all your base will belong to him

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• your mental health is more important than your grades/school work
• you are fabulous
• they’re probably not even paying attention when you give a presentation
• one friend is better than no friends
• eat a healthy lunch
• take care of yourself
• please stay safe
• your mental health is more important than your grades/school work
• I love you

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Friendly reminder that (1) Heidi Moneymaker exists and is a badass, and (2) women stunt actors are frequently in far more danger than male couterparts because movies put action hero women (the handful we have of those) in skintight clothing, and often not a lot of it either.  That means fewer places to place padding, body armor, and other things that help you, you know, not die.

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Friends and I went geocaching yesterday. I got a spider in my hair but made up for that by getting Menchies after.

Anyway, one of the places we passed was the  Vancouver Centennial Rocket! These are the pics I took.

This is a pretty cool story: 

Designed in 1936 by Lew Perry for the Sheet Metal Workers Local 280 float for the PNE Jubilee Parade, the Rocket was then made into a sculpture which sat at the first Vancouver Air Terminal between 1939 to 1972, when it was scrapped due of rust. 

In 1985, the Vancouver Transportation Club and the Sheet Metal Workers Union 280 wanted to build a replica to celebrate Vancouver’s 100th birthday. They found the original designer, who still had the plans. Built by Terminal Sheet Metal and the Local 280 metal workers, the Rocket was exhibited at Expo 86 and then donated to the city. There’s a time capsule at the base of the Rocket set to be opened in 2036.

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Unlike you Mulder, I would like to have a life.

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The way some people freak out about pumpkin spice stuff coming back you’d think it’s a rare drug from a desert planet or something…

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Sloths sloths sloths sloths!

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"Captain Marvel - A Trailer"

When S.H.I.E.L.D. officer Carol Danvers intercepts a rogue spaceship, she meets an alien soldier named Mar-Vell and begins turning into something not quite human herself.

Katee Sackhoff as Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel


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This is a Bucky/Steve no-powers!AU/kidfic. Story inspired by this fanart by bannannibal.

In this chapter: We meet James’ business partner, Natasha has a hell of a time at school, and James and Steve have a very interesting phone call.

Let me know what you think in replies or comments :?