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I fangirl all over the place. Outside of my New York Crime Procedurals (Elementary, White Collar, Unforgettable, Without a Trace, Castle), there are the other Crime Procedurals (Criminal Minds, NCIS, Twin Peaks, etc., etc.,).

Plus the sci-fi (Stargate(s), Doctor Who, Firefly).

And Avengers because seriously.

Everything in this blog is relevant to my interests.


Dearest readers,

I’m excited to share some big news with you: comiXology now offers DRM-free backups.

This new feature allows you to download and store local copies of books in PDF and CBZ format.

For our launch, participating publishers include Image Comics, Dynamite Entertainment, Zenescope Entertainment, MonkeyBrain Comics, Thrillbent, and Top Shelf Productions. In addition, our Submit creators and small publishers are now able to choose to make their books available DRM-free.

As always, you can continue to enjoy all of your purchases - whether available as a DRM-free backup or not - on the comiXology platform in our exclusive cinematic Guided View reading experience, anytime and anywhere. No files required.

Offering DRM-free backups to you and our customers-to-be is another step in taking comics further, and serves our mission to turn everyone on the face of the planet into a comics fan. There is much more to come.

You can find the list of books you own that support DRM-free backup at in the My Backups tab of the My Books area.

Learn more about DRM-free books here or on our FAQ page.


David Steinberger
CEO & Co-Founder

Interesting update for those of you who do buy your comics online. We’ll see if the bigger comics publishers (Marvel and DC, I’m looking at you) start to go down this road as well.


Nov Morning Sun (by Protection Island)

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Hayley Atwell

Petition for Hayley Atwell to play the Mother (and Other Mother) in a live-action version of Coraline.

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I present my writing schedule for the next 18 years six-eight months. That’s 21 chapters that need to get written, and since i’m averaging like 10K+ words/chapter… yeah the math scares me too.

And this is me just finishing my three main WIPs - Old Soldiers  (which will be 15 chapters not the 17 I initially thought), Rhapsody in Blue (which I want to get done before Agent Carter starts to air this fall/winter) and Hel’s Bones.

There’s not any real spoilers noted in the above - I indicated in the notes for Hel’s Bones that I would be bringing in some CA:TWS, which everyone knows means Bucky.

And I figure that I should spend some time building up the world in Hel’s Bones (not just because the next chapter of Old Soldiers is kicking my ass) so that’s next on the agenda.

Wish me luck :/

Leverage: a summary 

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Tuna avocado salad at Hime Sushi by UBC

Black Widow #2 (2014, Phil Noto)

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